Fly Fishing Snap Button Shirts

The streams are calling out and its time to grab the rod & reel and your favorite bag of fly-fishing essentials. Whatever is out there beckoning to snatch your fly make sure you look good with one of these snap button shirts on and off the water.

Snap Button Western Shirt Collection

Here are my snap button western shirts I have hanging in my closet. Most of these pearl snap shirts were purchased from various thrift stores and consignment shops.   Abercrombie & Fitch   Aeropostale   American Eagle Outfitters   American Rag   Axel MFG. Co.   Ditch Plains   Express   Hollister   JNCO Crownbrand…

Wool Snap Button Shirts

Grab one of these wool snap button shirts the next time you need stay warm while working or playing in the cold weather.

Found: Snap Buttons Shirts – Wrangler, Panhandle & American Eagle Outfitter

I found these eight western snap button shirts at a Goodwill store located in Bellefontaine, Ohio. This Goodwill store always has a few western shirts to choose from. I came home with two of them – Panhandle and American Eagle Outfitters. Wrangler Panhandle Bill Blass American Eagle Outfitters BKE Supply Company    

Found: Snap Button Shirts – LL Bean, Calvin Klein & Coastal

I found these western snap button shirt brands while traveling through Columbus, Ohio and at a local Goodwill Store in the Cincinnati area. If you are looking for a snap shirt check a local Plato’s Closet or Goodwill store. Most shirts will be less than $10, a fraction of the cost of buying new snap…

Found: Snap Button Shirts – Kuhl

I found these Kuhl snap button long and short sleeve shirts at an REI store in Cincinnati. While I was there I bought a Patagonia Nano Puff jacket. I have had my eye on this jacket for awhile but I have not been to a store to try on and see how it fits.  I…

Found: Snap Button Shirts – Wrangler, Taos & Miller

I found the following western snap buttons shirt brands when visiting various local thrifts stores in September 2017. Wrangler Taos Blue American Eagle Outfitters Abercrombie & Fitch True Religion Vintage Moment of Truth Miller Hollister Guess George Straight Gap Emcee Arizona Jeans American Rag Aeropostale 44mm