Wool Snap Button Shirts

Grab one of these wool snap button shirts the next time you need stay warm while working or playing in the cold weather.

Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Western Aloha – Ohia Long Sleeve

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Western Aloha celebrates the best of the West with the spirit of Aloha. Their Western Aloha shirts are made with a special “Cowboy Cloth” fabric featuring print motifs inspired by the Big Island of Hawaii.  If your looking for a Hawaiian shirt that snaps then get a Western Aloha western shirt.

Fly Fishing Snap Button Shirts

The streams are calling out and its time to grab the rod & reel and your favorite bag of fly-fishing essentials. Whatever is out there beckoning to snatch your fly make sure you look good with one of these snap button shirts on and off the water.

Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Freenote Cloth – Rambler Shirt

Freenote Cloth – Rambler Shirt I don’t think Freenote Cloth has the shirt available any more on their website. This write up is from the Journal section of the Freenote Cloth site. From the M.W. Reynolds website: “Freenote Cloth’s interpretation of the classic honky tonk shirt.  Think Jeff Bridges in the movie Crazy Heart. Faithful western…

Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Kuiu – Tiburon Snap Shirt

Kuiu – Tiburon Snap Shirt Available Colors : Verdio 2.0, Vias Camo, Black and Steel Blue From the Kuiu website:  “Kuiu customers have been asking for a collared shirt out of the Tiburon fabric since it was introduced. Lightweight, quick drying, and great looking, this is a must-have for high temperature adventures. With its classic…

Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Kuiu – Insulated Snap Shirt

Kuiu – Insulated Snap Shirt Available Colors : Vias Camo, Verde 2.0, Black, Slate, Smoke and Olive From the Kuiu website: “This lightweight stylish jacket can be used in any situation in or out of the field. Throw this on as an insulating mid-layer or a lightweight jacket when the weather is mild. The Insulated…