Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Western Aloha – Palaka Nui Brown Blue

Wear this practical Palaka snap shirt during your outdoor pursuits knowing it has deep roots in the Hawaiian Island culture.

Western Aloha – Palaka Nui Brown Blue

Snap Button Shirt of the Day: Western Aloha - Palaka Nui Brown Blue
Palaka Nui Brown Blue [Western Aloha]

From the Western Aloha website: A palaka is a two-color yarn-dyed plaid, traditionally a combination of white with blue, brown, or red as the second color. Our Palaka “Nui” (meaning large/many/great) doubles the size of the plaid and combines white with at least two other colors — often a combination of other traditional palaka colors. The fabric also is printed instead of yarn dyed, a non-traditional technique that allows for endless print sizes and colors.

Details: Cut and sewn in El Paso, Texas.. Artisan printing technique; colors may vary. Versatile Cowboy Cloth. So tough it scares wrinkles away; so soft you’ll wake up still wearing it, remarkably unwrinkled. Long Sleeve | Tailored fit | Pearl Snaps | Shoulder yokes. Performance from sea to snow and beach to bar

The palaka is a traditional Hawaiian shirt that finds its origins in the shirts worn by English and American sailors landing in Hawaii (known to them as the Sandwich Islands) in the early 1800s. 
Unlike the light, colorful kimono fabric used for the Aloha shirt, the palaka was woven of heavy duty, cotton twill fabric, yarn-dyed in a plaid design. This sturdy fabric was soon traded between sailors and local Hawaiians, and the palaka eventually became the standard work shirt for plantation workers and paniolos.
Our palaka is inspired by an old pineapple worker’s jacket.  But rather than using the traditional fabric, our palaka is made of versatile and lightweight Cowboy Cloth, while retaining the original’s colors and twill weave.