Who is the snap button shirt guy?

Hi, my name is Aaron and I wear snap button shirts.
I’m not a cowboy or a fashion expert just a guy who likes to snap my shirts.
Wearing a Western Aloha Ohia long sleeve snap button shirt.
Wearing a Western Aloha Ohia long sleeve snap button shirt.
My life is full. Spending time with my beautiful wife of 20 years and raising our two wonderful kids. During the day you can find me at a stand up desk posting web content, brainstorming, designing and finding content to help others succeed in life.  The Web has been part of my career for the past 20 +years.  After work: I enjoy time with my family, the deep discussions with my wife and seeing my two teenagers tackle life with new ambitions fitting their personalities.

I started this blog to share my enjoyment of wearing a snap button shirt and feature snap shirts I have found. Wearing this type of shirt reminds me how I need to focus on the daily tasks. You have to take them one at a time, no matter how big or small, how desirable or dreaded. When I put my shirt on I’m reminded of this as I press each pearl snap together. Tackle life one snap button at a time. “Snap Your Shirt”.
Keep Snapping Your Shirt!
aka: Snap Button Shirt Guy
Snap Button Shirt Guy
This is a drawing my wife did for me to use as my Snap Button Shirt Guy logo. I plan to make it into a vector art piece and use for a logo that could go on stickers.