What Does “Snap Your Shirt” Mean?

Have you ever lost focus on a task due to your own personal obstacles?

One snap at time.

​Writing this blog shoves daunting obstacles in my path. For many years I have wanted to write. I’ve read the books, dreamed a thousand ideas and now its time to put pen to paper. The hurdle I keep tripping over are squirrels. Multiple distracting ideas tucked away in the folds of my brain diverting me from the theme. I have numerous ideas to put into words but I keep stumbling along the way.

How can I refocus and push these obstacles out of my path? 

​Facing those challenges gave birth to a simple mantra “Snap Your Shirt”.

Ever tried to pinch all those pearl snap buttons together at the same time?

Impossible unless you have six willing hands to help. You have to grab each button one at a time firmly and squeeze until the “snap”.

An old Chinese proverb says:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Great things start from a humble beginning. Obstacles are removed with small changes one at a time.

Therein lies the humble answer to refocusing a task, to clear those hurdles. Each of the obstacles is faced and removed one at a time.

​Remember this when you put on your shirt each morning. Each button has to be snapped one at a time. You can’t snap them all at the same time. Let the single sound of each snap be a reminder. One obstacle at a time. You’ll get the shirt on and you will get through each obstacle in your way.

​Go tackle life, push the obstacles out of the way and “Snap Your Shirt“.