Why Snap Button Shirt Guy?

Wearing first western snap button shirt.

My first snap button shirt was from a thrift store in the summer of 2013. I needed a “western” shirt as part of a costume for a video that I was going to be in. I did not realize that this was going to lead to a new beginning for me. A few months passed and during that time I occasionally wore this shirt. That fall my sister-in-law gave my wife two snap button shirts to give to her dad, but instead she realized her dad would pass on these and thought I would like them since I had another similar shirt. This is where it all began. This is what I needed.
It was time to change my style. My closet was full of the standard button shirts of the stripe and solid varieties. There is nothing wrong with button shirts but it was time to refresh my image as the “big 40” was approaching the following year. I needed a new lease on my wardrobe. I needed a different look to shift myself into a higher gear for this next phase of life.

A unique shirt

My family of four purchases most of our clothes from thrift stores. I can find some really good items that are new or barely used. Its easy to find a button shirt that fits and I like. Its a rare day when I find a snap button shirt. Snap buttons are a unique find in a used clothing store. I may only find one in the entire store and I might be lucky enough that it actually fits. They are a rare breed that either people don’t wear much anymore or don’t want to give up and share with another.

It’s not just a “cowboy” shirt

Over the past couple of years I have acquired several snap button shirts via thrift store finds. I have found a few at discounted stores but I have never paid more than what it would be to gas up my Chevy Trailblazer. I like finding that shirt and getting it for a bargain. My closet has labels from Old Navy, Senoma, American Eagle Outfitters, Wrangler, Panhandle Slim, Express, JNCO, Aeropostale, Ditch Plains, Levi, American Rag and a few others.

What is this blog all about?

I want to share with others who like to snap their shirts.

I want to share my finds at the thrift stores.

I want to share small bits of information about these shirts called cowboy shirts, pearl snaps, western shirts, ranch wear, retro rockabilly and a few other names.

I want to share stories about people who wear these types of shirts and why they wear them.

​I want to share how snap button shirts have changed me and how a simple change of a shirt might change you.