Bourbon & Snap Button Shirt Guy

It just seems like the right pairing: wearing a snap button shirt and sipping bourbon.

I was born in a Kentucky town located in Bourbon Country. A region of the Bluegrass state known for it bourbon distilleries. I like to tell the story my first bath was from the same limestone filtered water used to make the “Spirit of Kentucky”. It’s a good excuse to say bourbon is in my blood. I am no expert on the bourbon way. I buy what is reasonably priced and if its good then I’ll keep buying. I haven’t been a bourbon drinker all my legal years; but I have found myself returning to what I had enjoyed… a good drink at the end of the day.

Over the past few years I have been on a “quest” to find decent tasting bourbons you have to bend over to pick off the shelf. Those bottom shelf dwellers usually cost less than a lone Andrew Jackson ( himself a whiskey drinker and distiller ). I find those eye level bottles out of my instant gratification price range. Those pricey and beckoning glass containers, which for me means letting go of two or more of those Old Hickory bills, is about delayed gratification and long sips.

Below is what I have tried and if it’s listed then I must have liked it in some way. Maybe it was the taste, the shape of the bottle or the design of the label. My preferences are Kentucky bourbons even though many other locations outside of KY distill fine bourbons. I tried and finished some of these bourbons before I completed this thought… “Hey, you need to take a photo of these bottles and put them on your website.”

Ancient Age
Ancient Ancient Age
Benchmark Old No. 8
Cabin Still 80 Proof Straight
Echo Springs
Evan Williams Green Label
Ezra Brooks
Fighting Cock
Four Roses
Heaven Hill 6 Year Green Label
Heaven Hill White Label
Henry McKenna Straight Bourbon
Jeffers Creek
Kentucky Gentlemen
Kentucky Tavern
Old Charter
Old Crow
Old Grand-Dad Bonded
Quarter Horse
Rebel Yell
Rising Creek
Ten High
Very Old Barton
Zackariah Harris Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bourbons I want to try. You might ask why? They live among other bottom shelf dwellers and some might be at eye-level.

Buffalo Trace
Early Times
Elijah Craig
Evan Williams Bottled in Bond (black label) & (white label)
Jim Beam White Label & Black Label
John B. Stetson
Maker’s Mark
Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond
Wild Turkey 101